How we can help

Magnusson Consult is run by Anders Magnusson, an experienced broadcast engineer and DevOps manager with a background as CTO, systems specialist and project manager at some of the largest nationwide broadcasters in Scandinavia.

Over the years Anders have created, developed and maintained complex broadcast media installations and infrastructure with seamless cross-platform integration to internal tools, websites, apps and content distribution platforms with focus on stability, scalability and ease-of-use for the daily users.

We have extensive experience in custom software solutions and app development both as project lead and developer.

We genuinely love what we do

We are not that good at visual identities, but we are geek-level specialists in broadcast media and digital publishing infrastructure and a reliable partner when you need to integrate your internal systems with your digital platforms and manage and track your content.

We also have extensive experience in providing turn-key OB solutions and can get you onair from wherever you want.

Magnusson Consult is built on a passion for broadcast and digital media.

We genuinely love what we do!